The Pint of Science festival aims to deliver interesting and relevant talks on the latest science research in an accessible format to the public – mainly across bars, pubs, cafes and other public spaces. We want to provide a platform which allows people to discuss research with the people who carry it out and no prior knowledge of the subject is required. The Pint of Science festival is a network of thousands of volunteers who are passionate about bringing discoveries to people and was established by a community of postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers in 2012.

The main festival takes place annually over three days in the month of May and simultaneously in hundreds of venues across the world. Each country holds their main events on the same days, bringing the scientific community together.

During the 2023 edition of the festival, WARIFA participated to provide interesting updates on the latest results achieved in the frame of the project towards the development of a prototype of a combined early risk assessment tool that will provide individual citizens with personalized recommendations for the management of chronic conditions.